Kejian Holding has established a relative perfect sales network and storage systems, set up a sales company in North and logistics center, has a group of excellent technology, responsive service team. Service is divided into three levels:

Pre-sale service

Before products selling, sales rep. should introduce products to customers by products ordering meeting, door to door visiting and sending a letter asking, answer customer consultation and record.To help the customer choose the suitable product.

On-purchase service

1)Business unit personnel should seriously enforce contracts, and understand the usage of company's products. Meanwhile, sending products to the customer designated locations timely, precisely and safely is necessary. Listening carefully and making records is needed.

2)If necessary, the execution situation of the contract should be fed back to the customer including change of product requirements, which need to be coordinated with relevant people and customers.

After-sales service

1)Personalized customer service. We win competitive advantage by building customer satisfaction and customer loyalty , and publicize the company's marketing strategy and related policies in time, we also value and resolve customer’s complaints timely.

2)Timely service. We reponse within 24 hours after receiving customers’ quality feedback, and provide on-site support within 48 hours under special requirements.

3)Free technical advice and services. We help customers solve construction problems by telephone or on-site demonstrations, etc.