VHB Acrylic Tape

VHB Acrylic Tape
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Product Details

 MaterialWidthLengthThicknessShelf life
Acrylic 800 mm16.5 m/roll , 33 m/roll0.4mm, 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm12 months in original package

1. VHB Acrylic Tape Description

VHB Acrylic Tape are researched mainly used in high strength bonding.

2. Property

Tensile Strength,


ASTM D-897

Peel  Strength,


ASTM D-3330


ASTM D-3654

 Dynamic shear force,



Temperature resistance

≥ 8500 (0.4 mm T)

≥ 6500 (1.2 mm T)

≥ 6000 (1.5 mm T)

≥ 3500 (0.4 mm T)

≥ 4500 (1.2 mm T)

≥ 4500 (1.5 mm T)

>  24 h

Within 20 min,    

≥ 5500 (0.4 mm T)

≥ 4000 (1.2 mm T)

≥ 4000 (1.5 mm T)

 After 24 h,

≥ 8000 (0.4 mm T)

≥ 6500 (1.2 mm T)

≥ 6000 (1.5 mm T)

Short term, 4 h

≥ 160 ℃ (All thickness)

Long term, 10000 min

≥ 100 ℃ (All thickness)

3. Application

vhb acrylic foam tape.png

VHB double sided foam tape

vhb double side acrylic tape.png

 VHB clear double sided tape

vhb acrylic tape.png

VHB rubber adhesive tape

4. Packing


Acrylic foam tape manufacturers

Vacuum bagging waterproof butyl  tape.jpg

VHB double sided tape clear

vacuum bagging tape waterproof.jpg

Buy VHB tape

5. Shipping


Double sided foam tape

Kejian Holding.png

Foam double sided tape

Kejian products.png

High strength double sided tape

6. FAQ

Q1: Do you have laboratory in company?

A: Yes, we have 2 laboratory centers which conduct all deferent tests as customer required, like properties, life time, UV, etc.

Q2: Is the sample free?

A: The sample is free, however please provide the courier account or undertake the courier cost for delivering.

Q3: What is the delivery time? 

A: Delivery Time  

Sample Order: 1-3 days after receipt of the full payment. 

Stock Order: 3-7days after receipt of the full payment.

OEM Order: 12-20days after receipt of the deposit. 

Q4: What is the shipping port?

A: Shanghai port, China.

Q5: What is the payment term?

A: T/T or L/C

Q6: What about your after-sales services?    

A: 1 year warranty for all kinds of products; 

If you find any defective accessories, we will give you new part for free in next order.

7. About us

1vacuum bagging sealing tape.png

Double sided acrylic foam tape

2Butyl tape.png

3m double sided tape VHB

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Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes

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Double sided sticky foam


3m vhb tape China

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VHB 3m double sided tape