We Teach With University Together | Welcome Students From Tongji University Come To Our Firm

We teach with university together | welcome students from Tongji university come to our firm


    On the afternoon of July 10, 2017, we gave a cordial reception to those students and teachers from Tongji University whose major is chemical sciences and engineering. Their team had about 80 members, came to Kejian to visit and learn.


    We arranged this reception in the meeting room, and had a deep talking lecture. The chairman Haitao Wu, inland director of sales Zhenping HU, director of sales of south area Weijin Wu attended this meeting and had a speak. They introduce our firm's basic situation, core business and developing vision. Meanwhile, they showed their experiences about work and how to adapt to social and gave advances to students to help them plan their internship. On the other hand, students also asked questions enthusiastically. There was a quite lively aura on that day.


Kejian holding as a leading firm in butyl rubber tape/sealant industrial, gave students lots of enlightens. As a second class, we help them learnt many things exceeding text books. At the same time, Kejian always welcome new blood to join us to keep us energy.


Follow on, the university team was divided into three groups, we chose three sales executives (Xuezhi Li, Peisong Liu and Chen Ling) as their leaders to guide them visit manufacturing shops, experiments centers, samples showroom and so on. They communicated at site, and let students personally feel our enterprise culture atmosphere and manufacturing process flow. 


That visit activity showed a good learning platform for students to keep a good communication between enterprise and university, and enhance a safeguard to transfuse new blood in our firm, then help us to keep enterprise sustainable development.


 Teaching others teaches yourself, and we can make a better future with each other - students from Tongji come to visit and learn.