Unveiling The Secret Of Bitumen(Part Two)

SBS Asphalt modifier: a New Type of inoculated Asphalt

Because of the complex structure and high waterproof requirement of modern building, SBS asphalt modifier emerges as the times require when natural asphalt is difficult to be used.The essence of SBS asphalt modification is to increase the stability, mechanical properties and aging resistance of asphalt by adding SBS rubber material to plastic asphalt.


Bonding——meeting of Asphalt and concrete

Asphalt and concrete are a pair of tacit partners in modern waterproofing systems.Melt into liquid modified asphalt, extrude air, infiltrate into the uneven pores of concrete surface, make asphalt and concrete grooves form solid physical riveting, and act together with the dispersion force and chemical bond between each other. The shearing and stripping of the resistance to external forces, long-lasting solid.The solid adhesion formed between the modified asphalt bulk materials under the action of temperature and pressure helps to form a continuous and complete waterproof layer, which can effectively shield the building from the damage of water.

Concrete crack——witness birth of tire foundation

When the concrete is closely combined with the asphalt coiled material, the temperature, load and uneven settlement make the cracks on the surface of concrete continue to occur and pose a threat to the waterproof layer.Once the concrete surface cracks, the cracks will extend to the tightly bonded homogeneous waterproof material layer and eventually pull it out.However, if a tyre is strengthened in the middle of the modified asphalt sheet, the damage to the waterproof layer caused by zero extension fracture can be well resisted.A fetal base with tensile strength can prevent the crack from extending and make the waterproof structure function.

Aging——the race against time

In addition to concrete cracks, all waterproof materials have a common "natural enemy"-the aging of the material.When the asphalt material is exposed to temperature, light and air for a long time, the surface of the roll becomes hard and brittle.Excellent modification can greatly improve the properties of asphalt, ensure the thickness of waterproof layer and set up protective layer, and avoid exposure is the necessary measure to delay aging.

Leakage——punishment against science

However, as competition in the waterproofing market enters the white-hot stage, market behaviour that violates the basic principles of asphalt is continuing:In order to reduce the cost, a large number of construction projects use timeless thin modified asphalt membrane as the main waterproof layer, because of the failure to prevent zero extension fracture, leakage can not be avoided.In order to meet the need of the construction period, cement mortar is used as the binder of the roll, which not only wastes the natural adhesion of asphalt, but also expands the risk of zero elongation fracture of mortar bond layer.On the wet work site, because of the contamination of the extruded mortar, the lap surface of the coiled material can not be tightly bonded, thus the whole waterproof layer can not form a continuous and complete barrier, and the leakage of the building occurs from time to time.This is also an inevitable punishment for violating scientific principles.

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System waterproofing: be kind to buildings, waterproofing is not that simple

Building waterproof is a comprehensive applied science.Complex architecture, variable architectural styles, different geological, hydrological and climatic conditions, materials and methods must be adapted to local conditions.From raw material selection, product development, application verification, quality control, sales consultant, logistics supply, engineering construction to aftercare maintenance.Each link needs to be taken seriously, using system thinking, system products, systems technology, system organization and professional staffing to solve waterproofing problems.