Unveiling The Secret Of Bitumen(Part One)

As we all know, lake water is an important part of global water resources.It can be divided into freshwater lake, saltwater lake and salt lake.In a word, there must be water in it.But there's a strange lake in the world.There is not a drop of water in the lake.Some are continuous natural asphalt, known as the "asphalt lake."The Lake lies on Trinidad Island in the Caribbean Sea.This is one of the world's largest asphalt producers.The asphalt produced is natural and environmentally friendly, excellent quality and durability. It is called "black gold" and it is the petrochemical asphalt unparalleled.

The Lake has an area of only 0.36 square kilometers, but the bottom of the lake is unfathomable.In the center of the lake, there is a steady flow of asphalt flowing out of the lake.Geological experts estimate that if 100 tons a day is mined, the lake's bitumen will be mined for another 200 years.More than 9 million tons of asphalt have been produced since mining began in 1860.Trinidad and Tobago has exported large quantities of natural asphalt to our country.Some sections of Beijing's Chang’an Street are paved with asphalt here.


Asphalt Lake is known as "Mother of Asphalt Lake" with its continuous flow of asphalt, which is more like a gift from nature to human beings.

Asphalt-a gift from nature

Asphalt, the precious gift that nature left for humanity billions of years ago, is a rare environmental material for modern waterproofing.Asphalt originates from oil and is named for the way it is obtained.The underground petroleum layer is exposed to the surface of the ground with geological migration, and after long-term volatilization and oxidation, it forms an asphalt lake, which is called natural asphalt.The distillation residue left by artificial refining of oil is petroleum asphalt.Because of the different way of refining, the nature and label of petroleum asphalt are different.In ancient times, natural asphalt was the main source of asphalt.But today, petroleum asphalt is emerging, flowing through the high temperature storage tanks of factories with developed logistics systems, continuing its mission for thousands of years.

Asphalt Waterproof——more than 3000 years of inheritance

As an excellent waterproof material, the application history of asphalt is almost a mirror of the history of human civilization.Dating back to 1200 BC, in the Mesopotamian Mya region, where natural asphalt is abundant,people have learned how to paint asphalt over pottery and hull for decorative and waterproof purposes. They also use asphalt as a natural binder in clay bricks.Asphalt is widely used as water-repellent, sealant and binder in ancient architectural wonders such as ancient Babylonian sky garden and the Great Wall in China.Especially in the ancient Babylonian road site, scientists are surprised to find that there are traces of asphalt smear between the pavement slabs and the burned brick surface, which can be called the embryonic form of modern concrete highway.