KeJian Holding To Participate In The Launching Ceremony Of 2018 Excellent Business Pairs To Help

"No one can be left behind on the road to a comfortable life!"

"I am most concerned about the difficult masses."

       ——From General Secretary Xi Jinping's new year's message of 2017


In the party's 19th CPC National Congress report,General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasizes:We must mobilize the whole party, the whole country, and society to help the poor with precision.Win the fight against poverty on time!At the two sessions this year, the Central Committee once again sounded the trumpet of lifting itself out of poverty.

Precision poverty alleviation, private enterprises are also the backbone.At the critical moment of deepening the Reform and winning the Well-off Society in an All-round way,Kejian Holding responded positively to the central government's call to fulfill its social responsibility with the dry spirit of "tread stone to leave imprint, grasp iron to have mark".Will strive to make an exciting report card of precision poverty alleviation and love for the public good.To play an exemplary role in winning the battle against poverty in an all-round way.


April 8th,Wu Haitao, chairman of Kejian shares, secretary of the Party branch, chairman of the trade union, and others personally led the team to attend the launching ceremony of the excellent enterprises of the "hand-holding project" organized by the Sheshan Town Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Sheshan Town people's Government.The aim of the "hand in hand" campaign is to enable precision poverty-stricken households to form "one-to-one" pairs with enterprises to help difficult families. The high level of comprehensive well-off construction should not only see the "average", but also pay more attention to "every household."Continue to work in pairs to help needy families, to give advice because of men and households,do not let a family left behind.


At the launching ceremony, the Committee of Sheshan Town of the Communist Party of China and the responsible person of the people's Government of Sheshan Town express the heartfelt thanks to the 32 pairs of outstanding enterprises that have been chosen to help. And to isuue the "hand-in-hand project" commemorative cup to KeJian Holding and other enterprises.


Care is a virtue, dedication is a realm.In the future, we will not forget our mission as we continue to develop, innovate, and expand.Actively respond to the national plan to tackle poverty, aim at the object of service, the implementation of precision help.KeJian Holding use actions to practice the voluntary spirit of love and dedication,ignite the truth and warmth of the world with love,build a more harmonious, more civilized, more beautiful happy home.