How to do a good job of Waterproof Construction and Inspection in Decoration process

At present, there are many families troubled by leakage, but many people do not know what to do! Looking for property, looking for decoration companies, their own professional knowledge do not understand, often fooled and did not solve the problem.Roof, bathroom, kitchen room, balcony leakage, basement leakage, heavy rain outside home light rain, outside no rain, home seepage!Endless troubles, home loss, and next, the next door-to-house loss is a big deal!Light property company complaints, heavy downstairs neighbors sue for compensation.Whether it is their own house leakage, or other people's house leakage to their own home, must be very depressed, annoyed, and there is no good way, now let me tell you how to fundamentally solve the problem of waterproofing.

Generally speaking, the leakage of the building is the details of the building problems, but also the most vexed problem, exaggerating the line can not be talked about, regardless of and worry constantly!There are three places that are most prone to problems: ground leakage, corner, pipe root, these three because of more interfaces, easy to appear cracks, so prone to leakage.


Waterproof Construction flow of Building Decoration

1、Base surface treatment

There are many houses in the decoration, roof, kitchen, bathroom, balcony and so on need to be re-waterproof treatment, because of the construction time or the quality of the building itself and many other reasons:Need waterproof base surface sand, uneven, moldy, contaminated by asphalt or other putty, base surface has a layer of oil,etc.In the waterproofing construction of decoration, the base surface must be pretreated by sealing king to increase the adhesion between the waterproof base surface and other waterproof materials.

2、In the corner, shade angle, pipe root, component joint and so on, where there may be the risk of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage joint or settlement joint, the self-spraying pipe root treasure, butyl self-adhesive tape or other flexible products must be sprayed evenly, clothed and rolled in the place where there may be cracks and at the root of the pipe.Prevent leakage of subsequent contraction joints or settlement joints. 


3、First waterproof coating

Before applying waterproof coating, ensure that the ground is clean and dry. When brushing waterproof coating, use one horizontal and one cross roller brush to ensure that there is no missing or missing coating, and ensure that it is firmly bonded with the base layer.

4. The second waterproof coating

In order to ensure the quality and be foolproof, we suggest that the second scroll brush should be carried out, and the second brush must pay attention to the interval between the second time of painting waterproof paint.Wait for the first roller brush waterproof paint thoroughly dry after the start of the second time, the specific time depending on the construction temperature and humidity to see the dry state of the paint, if the first roller brush is not completely dry on the rush to roll brush second way, waterproof effect will be greatly reduced!

5. Protective layer

In order to prevent the construction union from destroying the waterproof layer, it is necessary to lay a protective layer on the surface of the waterproof coating, which should be completely covered with the waterproof layer.

6、closed water test

During the closed water test, the water level shall be higher than 2cm, and the water level shall be kept for at least 24 hours. No leakage shall be observed. If there is leakage must be redone, do not be careless or too troublesome, waterproof the most important thing is the details.


butyl self-adhesive tape 


waterproof butyl tape

How to supervise construction and inspection of decoration waterproof works

1. Treatment of base surface

Before waterproofing, the floor shall be leveled with cement mortar, and then waterproofing work shall be carried out. This can ensure the uniform smear of waterproof materials, thickness inconsistency caused by leakage.

2. Check whether the joint treatment is in place

The joint between the ground and the wall, the joint between the upper and lower pipes and the ground, is the most problematic place.It is recommended to use pipe root treasure to deal with detail joints, which is convenient and simple in construction.

3. It's also important to look at the wall

Generally waterproof, the wall needs to do about 1.8 m waterproof coating to prevent water penetration and moisture.

4、Closed water test

After the waterproofing construction is complete, block all the sewers, then inject 20 centimeters of water into the bathroom, and observe if there is leakage 24 hours later.

5、Look, the sewer is smooth.

Check all sewers, floor drains, toilets, etc., whether they are unobstructed and protected during construction, and do not wait until the construction is completed to find that the sewers are different. all the work is sad!