How to deal with the leakage of color steel roof?

1. What should I do if the color steel roof leaks?

 (1) The waterproof layer is exposed:

 EPDM waterproof coiled material should be used, cold-bonded construction, not SBS hot melt construction, will damage the insulation layer or may cause fire during construction, self-adhesive coiled material has poor weather resistance and is prone to aging. EPDM waterproof coiled material has strong anti-ultraviolet capability, cold-adhesive construction, does not damage the insulation board, and is an ideal material for color steel plates.


(2) The waterproof layer is not exposed:

 That is, after waterproofing on the color steel plate, there are other materials on the waterproof layer, so that the waterproof layer is not exposed, consider using acrylic waterproof coatings such as JS composite waterproof coating or acrylic waterproof coating, such materials have good weather resistance, not It is easy to age, and its elasticity and strength are relatively good.


Second, what is the reason for the color steel roof leakage?


1. Inadvertently in the production and transportation process, construction process caused deformation of the color steel tile. When the quality of the color steel plate is poor, the color plate is deformed due to construction.


2. The external force such as wind and rain causes the color steel tile roof to vibrate for a long time, causing long-term abrasion at the nail holes and the joints of the iron sheet, and it will rust in case of rain. Then it will wear and rust again, it will become more and more serious.


3. Why the self-tapping nails have rubber pads and still seep water? One: The self-tapping nails have been damaged due to excessive force during construction. Two: The rubber mat ages quickly, and the waterproof effect is lost.


4. The main reason for the deformation of the color steel tile roof: the first roof span is large, if the water accumulation occurs over time, the gravity in the middle increases, the more the number of rains, the more serious the deformation, and even the collapse of the roof. On the roof with mineral wool, mineral wool has the function of absorbing water. In rainy days, all the rainwater leaked from the roof will gather in the mineral wool, and the weight will increase. When the roof in the first quarter of the season was hot, a sudden drop of heavy rain caused a sudden drop in the temperature of the color plate and a rapid contraction of the color plate, causing the color plate to deform and loose nails.


5. Water seepage at the foot-washing parts of the high and low cross-roofing walls: use cement plaster sealant, splayed corners or waterproof paint for waterproof protection. Cracks occur when cement and metal are not combined. Large cracks can also occur in paints or sealants with low elongation.


6. Why does the weather-resistant sealant still seep? The weather-resistant sealant must shrink when it solidifies. When shrinking, it may cause separation between the glue and the frame. If the frame has dust, this situation will be more serious. The long-term high temperature of the color steel roof has accelerated the aging of the weather-resistant adhesive, the metal material has expanded and contracted many times, and the weather-resistant adhesive has also lost related effects.


7. Why does the waterproof paint leak after two years of repair? The fluidity of the waterproof paint causes uneven thickness of the paint during construction, and cracks are not easy to be found. In addition to the vibration of the roof, the paint has low elongation and cracks. Cut corners during the construction of the waterproof coating, the thickness of the coating is too thin, and aging cracks occur.


What should I do if the color steel roof leaks? If the color steel roof leaks more seriously, then all color steel roofs should be replaced. What is the reason for the color steel roof leaking? In the process of use, it is necessary to regularly prevent the leakage of the color steel roof, so that the color steel roof can be used longer.