Have your sealants been properly stored?

Have you ever thought that if you don't treat it with tenderness, it will make you unbearable. How to save silicone sealants during long holidays is also a science.


1. Winter silicone sealant storage coup

1.1 Storage for unopened silicone sealants

The unopened silicone sealant should be stored in a dry and cool room as much as possible. If the project site does not have the conditions, it should be fully protected from snow, rain, and sun. The sealant can be covered by canvas during storage. The way to avoid the sealant temperature is too low. The silicone sealant is stored in an environment as low as -20 ° C, which does not affect its performance. However, before the ambient temperature rises (more than 4 ° C) in the later period, it must be ensured that the temperature of the silicone sealant has also risen to Above 4 ℃, avoid application problems caused by the large difference between sealant temperature and construction temperature.

1.2 For unsealed and unused silicone sealants

Compared with the unopened sealant, the unsealed sealant has more precautions during storage. So how to better use the unsealed sealant and ensure better use. Single and two-component storage There are also differences.

1.2.1 Two-component silicone sealant

The storage problem often encountered with two-component silicone sealants is that only a part of the B-component B is used when opened. How can the remaining part be stored and reused?

The main component of component B is usually a curing agent, which will cure when exposed to air. Therefore, if there is any remaining use of the B component in the open bucket, the cover film that was originally placed on the surface can be cleaned up and then covered in the form of close to the surface of the colloid. This method can avoid the curing of component B as much as possible, but the surface will still be crusted due to contact with air. For this phenomenon, the component B that has crusted on the surface can be used with a spatula when used again. Use after scraping.

B skin crust

For unused two-component silicone sealants on two-component glue machines. The A and B components can be placed directly on the glue machine with a bucket, and effectively sealed by the pressure plate of the glue machine. At this time, the pressure plate needs to be pressed down, the pressure in the pipeline is evacuated, and the exhaust valve is closed. Before the glue machine is stopped, the component A should be used for the flushing gun to ensure that it is flushed clean without black wires, to avoid the residual component B may solidify and thicken in the pipeline and cause blockage, and the necessary inspection and confirmation of the glue machine . After the start of the Spring Festival, it can be used normally after full confirmation according to the quality control process.

1.2.2 One-component silicone sealant

A single-component silicone sealant that has been unsealed and unused can be sealed with a plastic nozzle, and the extruded part of the sealant will fill the entire nozzle. The sealant in the glue tip will gradually solidify due to contact with air, which will cause the sealant that is not fully used at the back end to avoid contact with the air, so the back end sealant will not solidify and can continue to be used. After the start of the Spring Festival, replace the plastic nozzle, remove the silicone glue at the curing end, and replace the nozzle to continue using.

2. How to apply the sealant after the storage period

The shutdown period of the sealant in winter is generally 15-30 days. After that, it is necessary to carry out the construction after the year. Next, we will give everyone tips to pay attention to what to pay attention to when rebuilding.

2.1 Attention factors for single-component sealant construction:

Before the single-component sealant is used, it is necessary to check the sealant packaging again to ensure that the sealant is used within the shelf life;

After the year, it will be in the alternate period of winter and spring seasons, and the temperature difference across the country is large. For the common aluminum plate curtain wall, due to the large thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum plate, it is prone to bulging. Certain measures should be taken to avoid it during the sizing process, such as : Try to avoid sizing at higher or lower temperatures. During the weathering sealant sizing process, it is necessary to avoid the problem of foaming when punctured during the filling of the foam stick;

Sealant bulges and foams

3. During the construction period after the year, the site temperature is still low and does not reach the standard curing temperature. Therefore, after the sealant is applied, the curing time needs to be appropriately extended. When conditions allow, heating and humidifying treatment is performed, The bonded substrate was subjected to a peel adhesion test.

2.2 Two-component sealant construction attention factors:

When the two-component sealant is used after long-term shutdown, the temperature of component A may increase due to the lower temperature compared to summer. For this phenomenon, the pressure of the glue should be increased to ensure the uniformity of the sizing. Because the B component is left for a long time, there will be a phenomenon of oil floating on the surface of the B component barrel. Before use, the B component should be stirred and evenly used before using.

For a well-mixed two-component sealant, butterfly tests, pull-off tests, snake tests, and peel adhesion tests are required to ensure the adhesiveness of the sealant to the substrate.

Since the curing of the silicone sealant has a greater relationship with the temperature and humidity in the environment, when the seasons are changed and the temperature difference is large, more attention should be paid to related issues. The embankment of thousands of miles collapses in the ant's nest, and storage is an insignificant problem for our customers. However, if it is not taken seriously, it will have a great impact on the sealant, so we should pay attention to avoid risks from all aspects to ensure that the sealant reaches The best effect.