Plush strips for doors and windows

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Product Details

The density of fluff at 1250 pieces per square centimeter guarantees excellent sealing.

The design of siliconized polypropylene filament and central film guarantees the performance of waterproof sealing.

The unique design of the wings strengthens the role of supporting the fluff, making it difficult to fall down.


The villi treated with silicone oil has functions of elasticity, water repellency, aging resistance, abrasion resistance and strong UV resistance.

The bottom plate is made of random polypropylene with good resistance to aging and low temperature brittleness. The plush is UV-stabilized and can withstand any severe weather.


The plush is treated with special siliconization, which has good waterproof performance and anti-aging performance. Low friction, high strength and durability are the most important quality factors of tops.

3M adhesive, strong adhesive, not easy to degumming.