EPDM Rubber Foam Strip

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Product Details


1) EPDM foam has excellent elasticity.

2) Excellent high and low temperature resistance and weather resistance, not affected by high and low temperature climate.

3) The surface is smooth and easy to clean, the self-adhesive strength is high, and the durability is good.

4) It does not leak oil and it does not react with paint.

5) Easy installation, no slotting, multiple specifications and complete varieties.



How to choose a seal:

   Material of choice:EPDM artificial rubber has excellent anti-aging properties, so that the anti-aging ability of the product can reach more than 8 years. And after long sh pressure, it can quickly return to its original state and maintain an effective sealing effect!


   Choose the size of doors and windows: There are many different specifications and colors of door and window seals. The seals chosen are too thick, which will cause resistance when the door is closed; too thin seals will not function as a seal. You need to measure the size of the door gap before buying , Can effectively buy the right product.


1)  First, clean the pasted surfaces of the doors and windows to make them clean, smooth, flat and dry.

2)  Measure the height of doors and windows, and cut the seal with scissors.

3)  Peel off a small piece of backing protective paper, install the sealing strip in the correct position and compress it, try to align with the top edge.

4) Continuously peel off the back protection paper, so that the sealing strip extends downward along the frame, and keep pressing it, pay attention not to stretch.

5) Use the same steps to install the sealing strip. Pay attention to the fit at the corner joints.