Butyl Tape Vacuum Bagging

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TOP-BEST-664(Room temperature)butyl tape vacuum bagging is room temperature resistance product which is developed for blade, yacht industry, etc. Based on advanced technology, the products have high surface adhesion force on vacuum bag and a variety of tools. It is cost-effective and shows excellent sealing packing performance. In the curing cycle it has excellent seal,andvery easy to remove from the cold or heating surface after the curing.

Butyl Tape Vacuum Bagging

Butyl Tape Vacuum Bagging

Black Butyl Tape Vacuum Bagging

Black Butyl Tape Vacuum Bagging


Butyl tape vacuum bagging is used to seal of  the mould in blade,yacht industry.

1.Be used between vacuum bags.

2.Be used between vacuum bag and composite tools. It is suitable for curing under room temperature or low temperature heating curing(room temperature to 120℃).


: >99%
Service temperature range : -60℃to 120℃
Operation temperature range : 5℃ to 50℃




All surfaces should be free from dust,grease,oil,loose mortar and any other foreign material.

Apply direct onto the surface and press sufficiently along its whole length to achieve good initial adhesion; Remove the backing paper and offer other surface to the tape and push firmly to seal across the joint.

sealant tape for vacuum bagging

Sealant Tape for Vacuum Bagging

vacuum bagging gum sealant tape 15m

Vacuum Bagging Gum Sealant Tape

Butyl Sealant Tape

Butyl Sealant Tape



Vacuum bagging gum sealant tape 15m per roll. 150m/carton. 7200m/pallet.

7.Shelf life

12 months in original packing.


Stored in a dry and cool condition.