Bath Trim For Wet Rooms

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Product Details

Kejian is a professional manufacturer of Bath Trim  for Wet rooms. Bath Trim  for Water Tanks & Wet rooms is a non-solidation self-adhesive sealing strip with a formulation of high quality rubber, plasticiser etc.The strip is suitable in many areas such as sealing with stones, sealing with ceramic tile etc.

It is expandable, flexible, easy to adapt to construction shapes. It is also a solvent-free product and no drying out or  embrittleness.

Self-adhesive Sealing Strip

Self-adhesive Sealing Strip

Tub Surround Sealer Trim

Tub Surround Sealer Trim

Features and Benefits:

• Good plastic surface, good decorating effects.

• High quality butyl ensures good water-proof performance.

• ROHS certification.

• Easy to application, self-adhesive.

• Good performance than other sealing product like silicone sealant.

Bath Trim for Tub

Bath Trim for Tub

Wall & Corner Caulk Strip

Tub Surround Sealer Trim

Application Area:

The bath Trim is hinged in the centre and can be used to seal around the bath, sink and accessories in the bath or wet rooms. 

• Cut a strip to the desired length for the seal and fold along the hinge.

• Remove the release film in short lengths and apply pressure to the tape to form a tight seal to the joint. 

• For corners cut a triangle at an angle of 45° at the end where the join is to go. 

• Once all the bath trim is in place push hard along the whole length to ensure good adhesion

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